Our Final Dispatch: Reflecting on the Other

Dear Dispatchers, Near and Far,


You have produced an amazing collection of writing this semester. You’ve written thousands of reflective words, hundreds of thoughts, and 9 pieces on different aspects of the environment, terrorism, and culture. In this process, you’ve gained intimate knowledge of the Other.

In our current world context, Middle Easterners and Americans aren’t supposed to be friends. It may even be difficult to be friends, seeing that the way our values are presented through the media promises us that we are worlds apart and that, in fact, we may just hate each other. We are told who the other is and is not.

On the other hand, the world is open to us to discover who is this Other.

For your final dispatch/reflection, think about the ways, the mediums, in which you discover the Other. Is it through your Facebook newsfeed? YouTube? The news? Books? Movies? Stories? Family? Think about how often and how you learn about other cultures, peoples, and ethnicities. Then ponder on the medium of writing. How has this been a unique learning experience? How have the topics of the environment and terrorism been interesting looking glasses into each other? Be brave to explore what you didn’t know or believe before and what you do now. Feel free to refer back to a particular dispatch or topic or bring up new ideas and topics or current events.


*This is the prompt given to students for their final reflection, or what we’ve called “Dispatch”; the results of this prompt are the collection of work you find on this site.






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