Building Blocks

It surely has been a tiring semester. On the contrary, it surely has been an exciting and challenging experience. Time is going too fast for us. We have no time to sleep, not enough time for most of our activities. Fun passes by within a range of a click. Well, I think it’s because the world with it’s population is advancing in various ways whether its technology or culture.

What was interesting this semester is that every week, I had to send my Albion correspondent Josh an essay that ponders about a certain topic and each week is different than the other. In other words, I got to know what my friend Josh believes in and what are his views on Arabs especially when talking about the environment, the way we relate to it and about terrorism perspectives. Of course, I believe I did my best to let him know my own image of terror and a tree hugger. Nevertheless, I believe this kind of correspondence developed new opinions and new views between us (the two classes) and maybe changed some misconceptions into accurate beliefs.

There are definitely different ways or mediums people could communicate to.  I’ve had conversations on the “comments” section on some YouTube videos where people from different regions shared their ideas and some experiences. In Facebook, you are just one click away to find out about people’s interests and activities. I mean, I wanted to know what my correspondent Josh looked like and how he engages in activities through Facebook. Above all this, I believe that the best way to establish a concrete and honest relationship is when two people would have a face-to-face conversation about a certain topic. We can use Skype!

My friend today studies in Hult University in London and we skype occasionally. I met his Irish friend called Andrew Walsh online while skyping and now Andrew is paying me a visit this August.  We can encounter different cultures so easily and sometimes unconsciously. I mean, I didn’t plan on getting to know Andrew.

Writing has truly been a refreshing and intellectual way of expressing my feelings and ideas and most importantly my arguments. Personally I was exposed to reading environmental texts and articles that I have never thought of doing. I found them brilliantly interesting. If it weren’t for Terrorists and Tree Huggers, I wouldn’t have read the book “Children of Hiroshima”. Today, I actually related to nature and the environment. I watch the leaf falling slowly on the ground. I observed the formation of concentric waves of water as drops of rain hit the small craters of H2O.

Honestly, my favorite dispatch was when we had to describe the environment around us and relate to it as a scientist and as a human being.

In the end, I would like to say thank you to all of my classmates and beloved Albion correspondents for this interesting semester. Miss Rima, I will surely recommend your English sections to my friends entering AUB next fall because it’s an exhausting, yet joyful English experience with you. Thanks a lot.




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